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As your item passes through our checkpoints to verify it maintains it's original grade, and during the time we arrive at a valuation commensurate to its condition, we examine characteristics to determine whether it merits a value enhancement. It is during the Enhance stage of our examination that we consider a wide range of aspects, and these may include but are not limited to factors of rarity, quality of production, its state of preservation, and provenance. At its discretion, ToyVerify will assign a Verified badge, or an Exceptional In Grade badge where an item demonstrates all the characteristics required to both merit and achieve a value enhancement in the open market. In situations where this applies, provenance and chain of custody may allow the Pedigree notation to also be used, and in such an instance, would appear on the lower bar of our badge.

Our R-Scale dataset combines historical data and market knowledge to identify factors such as production, distribution, surviving populations, completeness and sealed state, to arrive at a numeric value. The R-value scale ranges from R1 to R5, where the numeric value 1 represents "Unique" and 5 represents "Uncommon." The R-value will be scored on the lower left corner of our badge in red for production, and blue for preproduction.

A QR code will be added to each badge, which provides date of examination, grade status and standing, the valuation at the time it was appraised, as well as a link to check most recent recorded sales. In circumstances where this applies, it would also have a Y-scale designation from the period it was last examined by ToyVerify. The purpose would be to track the progression of blister and tape yellowing. Below you will find more information on our Y-Scale as well as a visual point of reference on how we asses yellowing on our Y-scale as it pertains to blister yellowing.

First developed in 2014 for a large collection appraisal assignment, where the owner wanted to establish a baseline to track and record blister yellowing, our Y-scale is only assigned on items which reveal either blister or tape yellowing, using a scale of 1-5 (1 being slight, 5 representing extensive). During this stage of examination, only items which require a Y-Scale assignment for blister or tape yellowing will be noted, and the notation will solely be made on the QR code dataset. This will be recorded in our database to allow a point of reference to when it was examined by ToyVerify. At any point in time, we would welcome the opportunity to review and reasses the item to determine if it has yellowed further and merits a new Y-scale assignment.

L-Slot Exceptional

Y-1: Some yellowing may be barely noticeable on the blister edges or stem - this is the early stages of blister clarity loss.

Y-2: Yellowing begins to blend with the background of the MOC and assuming a light brown appearance on one or more areas of the blister. This is also where yellowing may begin to spread from the blister edges to the sidewall and front face of the blister

Y-3: Yellowing now blends with the background colours of the MOC, assumes a medium brown or darker yellow appearance around the entire edge of the blister, with spreading to the sidewalls and begins to produce a sepia-tone shading on the limbs of the figure

Y-4: Yellowing now begins to subsume the cardback background colours of the MOC, is persistently yellow across the entire blister, and may also begin to reduce the clarity of the figure to the point where it becomes harder to properly see the colours of the contents. There may also be early signs of tiny crack faults in inconspicious areas of the blister (corners, beneath blister stem, etc.)

Y-5: Yellowing completely subsumes any original colours of the cardback, figure, and blister cracking or edges lifting become more noticeable and common at this stage

NOTE: At ToyVerify's discretion, we may decide to note torso and/or limb discolouring in the QR Code data set. In extreme instances, we may note extensive discolouration, in such instances this may extend to a risk warning of potential plastic cracking or becoming brittle.

I would welcome people to contact us through this website should they have any questions on our service offering.