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The founder Joe Fiore is a collector of over 40 years, immersed in a wide range of collecting categories, which include comics, comic art, toys, coins and trading cards. As a CPPA accredited appraiser and published advisor to several print and online resources, he envisions ToyVerify as an independent and impartial service available to collectors to act as a verification checkpoint for both graded and ungraded collectibles. In the toy collecting category in particular, we are seeing items degrading either due to material aging, poor storage, damage through shipping, and/or demonstrating flaws that were not previously factored in from the time of its original grade assignment. What ToyVerify offers is a service where your items are reviewed to verify the grade is still valid, as well as provide a value opinion conforming to uniform standards of appraising practices.

In instances where the item demonstrates a quality which surpasses it's assigned grade, we would identify it to be an "Exceptional In Grade" specimen. In certain instances where it may apply, ToyVeriify may also assign an item with an R rating using a numeric value of 1 to 5, where 1 represents Unique, and 5 represents Uncommon. The ToyVerify rarity index compares the items against collected data, using factors such as original production runs, distribution, extant examples, completeness and sealed state, just to name a few. All items are reviewed, researched, and assessed solely through the submission of photos. At its discretion, ToyVerify may require taking added measures to perform its assessment as accurately and professionally as possible, and this may mean using a magnification app, do a video call, or to take a video of the item. All submissions include an appraisal of the item, a digital badge, and a ToyVerify code which can be used through our website to search updated values for a period of up to 60 days.


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